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BatchMaster ERP e-commerce Integration

Manufacturers need to deliver goods swiftly, affordably, and conveniently at all hours and from any location, if they want to stay competitive. And only an online store like Magento can make this happen. BatchMaster Enterprise with Magento is one such Southeast Asian provider of Magento ERP integration, which will completely change the way organisations execute online operations.

The BatchMaster ERP e-commerce software integration offers seamless integration with all of the prime e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, Magento, Flipkart, Walmart, and pretty much all of them, in order to meet this expanding need. It aids manufacturers in enhancing their internet presence and successfully running their online business.

The ERP connector for BatchMaster Enterprise provides the business logic to interact with independent e-commerce systems as well, so manufacturers with internal websites need not worry too.

The BatchMaster ERP e-commerce integration with your existing or future e-commerce businesses ensures a seamless communication between your traditional business operations and online points of sale. The ERP e-commerce solution is made to record e-commerce platform event changes and communicate the updated data to BatchMaster Enterprise.

Moreover, this collaboration of BatchMaster's best-in-class functionality for e-commerce fully apart from handling manufacturing, distribution, finance, quality and compliance, also synchronises item data, price lists, inventories, taxes, business partners, orders, deliveries, shipping & tracking, and payments. Additionally, orders from online businesses can be automatically fed into your ERP solution with this integration, where they can then be monitored and evaluated using a special dashboard.


Benefits of E-commerce Integration with ERP System

  • Increase efficiency by streamlining a variety of organizational procedures.
  • Better control of the business processes through reports, financial statements, and real-time information updates.
  • Eliminate human error and redundant data by automatically transferring accurate data from one platform to another
  • Ensure order consolidation, planned purchases, and reduced waste to minimize inventory and operational costs.
  • Single point of operation for efficiency and time-saving
  • Serves small, medium-sized, and big businesses
  • Proves advantageous in case of expansion—enabling easy synchronisation between all platforms
  • Creates the link and facilitates the flow of information and data
  • Enhanced client experience through timely delivery

Why e-commerce ERP?

To create a closed loop supply chain system, it is essential to integrate your e-commerce storefronts with ERP. For this, BatchMaster ERP e-commerce integration allows manufacturers to combine and streamline their Omni-channel supply chain for end-to-end visibility across numerous online sales platforms. This connection makes it easier for firms to plan production batches and the purchase of raw materials, preventing both understocking and stockpiling.
When BatchMaster ERP is integrated with your e-commerce platform, the products, pricing, and product photos are immediately updated on the e-commerce website. As a result, you can change the information on your online store without having to pay for new manpower. Also, manufacturers can quickly avoid accepting orders for out-of-stock items with real-time inventory updates from ERP to e-commerce, sparing them from the hassle of order cancellation and unhappy customers.

Features Of E-commerce ERP Integration

  • Southeast Asia BatchMaster ERP integrated with e-commerce, instantly adds customers and prices to the database.
  • Additionally, it automatically adds BME's products and inventory levels to eCommerce.
  • This ERP integration for Southeast Asia, exchanges data bi-directionally
  • Real-time sales orders are produced by BatchMaster Enterprise.
  • Manages special pricing, deals, discounts, and catalogues, etc.
  • Uploads product pictures from BME to e-commerce platforms
  • Lastly, it also keeps a track of shipments.

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