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BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One

Harness the power of the best combo ever for recipe/formula-based manufacturers!


BatchMaster Manufacturing for Southeast Asia is a process manufacturing software that helps you run your business, like a pro by eliminating barriers to growth and success. It is built in SAP Business One ERP software, giving it process manufacturing capabilities and making it an all-in-one solution for your distribution, manufacturing, finance, quality, and compliance needs.


One Complete Solution

BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One is a complete solution that solves the ever-changing and evolving needs of formula and recipe manufacturers.

User-Friendly GUI

Enjoy a seamless working experience with single & uniform login, single database and interface, Google-style search, connection maps, alarms, and workflows


Contemporary in its Approach

A dedicated team of researchers and professionals keeps track & addresses latest trends, technology, issues, laws, and industry best practices.


Specially-Tailored For Your Industry

BatchMaster's Manufacturing ERP with SAP Business One in Southeast Asia is specifically designed for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Paints & Coatings, Cosmetics & Personal Care.


Adheres to Industry & Regulatory Compliance

With BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One for manufacturing industries of Southeast Asia, cmply with COA, FDA, GHS, FSSAI, FSMA, EPA, and other norms


BatchMaster SAP Business One ERP Add Ons

The performance of BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One can be amplified even more with thoughtfully designed add-ons that cater to the most specific business needs, such as:
  • BatchMaster BatchMaster WMS powered by SAP Business One: Allows to execute inventory transactions remotely on handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and other such devices.
  • Bin Management:This allows you to streamline your inventory management system not just by tracking and managing up to the warehouse but to the bin level.

Why BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One in South East Asia?

  • 1. Built-over strong foundation of SAP Business One,
  • Streamlines the entire supply chain
  • Exceptionally perfect fit with industry-specific solutions
  • Assures streamlined processes that are less risky
  • Helps to follow all industry regulations and best practices
  • Offers real-time information flow
  • Innovates products faster and cheaper
  • Provides faster yet accurate business decisions
  • Assists in effective business analytics and market study

BatchMaster SAP Business One ERP Modules

BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One is a single platform developed with a holistic approach to cater the peculiar needs of:

BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One, which is built for Southeast Asia’s manufacturing industries, contains a variety of formula management features, including:

  • Formula comparison
  • Version control for tracking formula changes
  • Rollback to regain the saved/previous version of the formula
  • Sizing formula by weight or volume
  • Material substitution by weight or volume percentage, availability of a material etc.
  • In-process quality checks for better formula management
  • Formula analysis with various available cost options
  • Support multilevel formulas
  • Intermediate expansion to replace the intermediate or by-product involved within the formula

The Bill of Material (BOM) depicts a detailed and hierarchical view of the finished product, beginning with the raw materials used and progressing through intermediate materials, packaging materials, and so on. It connects the formula to the finished goods or intermediates, and lets you choose route. It has the following features as well:

  • Comprehensive Bill Of Material functionality
  • Encloses top level BOM item
  • Flexibility to define Fill Level in the desired unit of measurement
  • Routing functionality for the flawless production process
  • Serve multiple packaging options
  • Bill of material report to classify the top assembly items, assembly types, and status of the BOM components associated with the formulas
  • Cater your needs for both Process (Formula BOM) and Discrete (Assembly BOM) Manufacturing
  • Dispatches full view of the BOM hierarchy
  • Single BOM allocation with multiple formulas

The module will guide you through the process of converting your formulas to more effective and preferred formulas in a safe and efficient manner. It has a lot of features, including interactive formula physical property analysis and a variety of other features, such as:

  • Keep the specifications of your intermediates current according to the formulations using the Intermediate Property Rollup Utility
  • Conveniently compare several formulas and products side-by-side from the same screen using the Comparative Properties Analysis
  • Create completely new physical properties based on the combination of material specifications and operators available using the Physical Property Formula option
  • Overcome the hassles of creating a new formula from scratch using the Physical Property Analysis option
  • Reduce the time and efforts invested in the R&D of new formulas

BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One boosts compliance efficiency for industries with the following functions, allowing them to proactively comply with FDA and GMP requirements.

  • Supports Data Ownership Authorization
  • Generates Nutritional Label/Nutritional Information Panel using different serving sizes and units of measures
  • Generation of Ingredient Statement, quantity and percentage-wise
  • Reports for
    • FDA Audit
    • Quality Control History
    • Lot Tracking
    • Transaction
    • Lot Explosion
  • Embedded forward and backward lot-traceability feature
  • Generates Lot Recall Letter
  • Facilitates a lot of strength to calculate the potency of the product
  • Attach Standard Operating Procedures.
  • The closed-loop process that maintains FDA 21CFR Part 11, cGMP, Bioterrorism Act etc.

The production module includes a comprehensive range of features to help you streamline the entire process from start to finish. It works well with operations and provides real-time data, allowing it to handle a wide range of jobs like mixing, filling, and assembling components. Other distinctive features include:

  • Expedite production scheduling and generate real-time information faster than ever before using the Production Scheduling Dashboard
  • Streamlined batch sizing, improves the accuracy of inventory and costing functions immensely
  • Resolve the common process manufacturing necessity of producing a batch and its low-level intermediates in a single operation, using the Super Batch functionality
  • Acquire running totals of your finished goods and by-products yielded and consumed
  • Get your costs and inventory updated in real-time with the closure of your batch

The fully integrated Lot Traceability function in BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One precisely tracks the forward and backward flow of raw materials, intermediates, and final items across the supply chain. As a result, manufacturers are better prepared to comply with all regulatory requirements and remain audit-ready.

  • Manage any recall situation within a fraction of time
  • Diminish response times to potential complications, which can eventually certify brand security
  • Confirm the transparency all over the value chain, from ingredients to consumer goods
  • 360-degree view into a product lot’s activity
  • Ensure each lot remains distinct in subsequent operations
  • Wide-ranging lot traceability with container level tracing of source supplies

Generates Safety Data Sheets that are fully compliant with government reporting standards automatically. The SDS module gives you full control over the SDS formats you use and how you keep them up to date, as well as the ability to create custom templates that describe the components and their order of appearance. Its one-of-a-kind design allows you to customize it to meet your specific needs.

  • Define and associate safety information for inventory items, formulas, customer orders, production orders, etc.
  • Achieve Hazard Communication Standard, Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title III compliance
  • Preserve Occupational Exposure Limits per component using the Material Safety and CAS Number screens
  • Indicate which ingredients are to be listed on your MSDS based on Material Hazard Type in a number of ways
  • Use the built-In USA format to generate your MSDS or create your own templates as required
  • Generate schedules for a group of MSDS to organize their generation
  • Create a bunch of MSDS boilerplates that are to be printed on an MSDS by using Supplementary File
  • Track MSDS printing dates for item and customer combination

Improve the organization’s quality assurance. We provide exact quality-focused solutions to help you achieve optimal quality control at every stage of your organization, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing intermediates/finished goods and inspecting final goods before delivering them to customers.

This completely integrated quality control system tracks pass/fail results for an unlimited number of user-defined criteria and helps you accept or reject products based on inspection findings.

  • Well defined QC functionality to receive, produce and ship products that meet customer and compliance requirements
  • QC test and sample definition plus the ability to determine the target values, control limits and maximum allowable defects
  • Accomplish the QC sampling process with Pass/Fail results, Alphanumeric as well as Numeric values
  • Immediate and counteractive action, like destruction, return etc., can be taken against the items that fail QC Inspection
  • Track the faulty materials and consign them for return to the vendor, scrap, or rework.
  • Supports the tracking of production quality, expiry date, shelf life period, and lot controlled products.
  • Reporting the QC results for Raw Material, Intermediate and Finished Good Items.

The Costing module in BatchMaster Manufacturing allows you to choose the most precise, realistic, and lucrative price for your items. Examine the formula and final product costs from different perspectives and at different levels of detail.

Change the variables to see how the ultimate cost of the product is affected by labour, overhead, materials, and packaging. Manipulate the quantity of any material in order to perform a “what-if” analysis, and assess the profitability of various scenarios based on various assumptions. See how the modification affects the costs right away. Analyze the expenses connected with the manufactured products collaboratively.

  • Collaboratively analyze costs associated with the manufactured products
  • Establish gross margin based on costs and selling price
  • Revise formula loss factors to accomplish better accuracy
  • Calculate Sales Price and Standard Cost based on the cost of ingredients
  • Revaluate the actual cost of the finished good or intermediate inventory
  • Modify and scrutinize overhead, labor and material quantities efficiently

To minimize overburdening situations, identify production bottlenecks based on planned deliveries and manage resources appropriately. All of your production scheduling needs can be met via the Production Scheduling Board. To monitor and analyse production floor inventories and resources, a dynamic graphical user interface that clearly presents batches with distinct stages using unique colour codes can be applied.

  • Reschedule the batches just by dragging them to the preferred schedule date, on the Schedule Calendar grid
  • Define tasks that needs to be executed apart from the routine production jobs
  • Interactive month, week and day views provide flexibility to swiftly organize the batches accordingly
  • Quickly list the batches and illustrate their relationship to one another using the Gantt Chart View
  • Zoom-in the Schedule Calendar Grid of the Production Schedule screen and get details of the process cell attached to the existing Batches/Orders/Task
  • Regulate planning and scheduling of activities on the shop floor

You may utilize your skills to flawlessly plan and control the manufacturing process by using the Routing module. During the production process, specify the order in which work centres are used. Quick Labor Entry can be used to record employee and machine data, as well as preparation and processing times. When it comes to categorizing manufacturing routes, the routing module is an excellent place to start.

  • Designate shifts available by weekdays in which the selected employee will be working
  • Define and generate schedules for a range of employees for selected working days
  • Plan and manage resources by interpreting the schedule of a given work centre over a week’s span using the Work Centre Capacity Utilization option
  • Add routing to a particular BOM just by implementing very easy setup options.
  • Cope with item routings by means of the Routing tab present on the Batch Ticket form
  • Firmly retain completion time and quantities related to production batch by means of various routing facilities

BMM for SAP Business One allows multi-site manufacturers to manage their bins. All company operations, including as sales, purchasing, and production, are managed at the bin level rather than at the warehouse level. This feature ensures that the product is handled with care before being placed in the bag. For any inventory transaction, you can see a real-time display of products in stock. You’ll be able to keep track of inventory more quickly and precisely if you keep it in multiple bins.

  • Track inventory bin wise, item wise, warehouse wise, lot wise or container wise
  • Support multi-location inventory feature to organize your warehouse or multiple warehouses
  • Get an instant view of various bin transactions, such as Container, Bin Number, Issue/Receipt Quantity etc.
  • Handle non-tracked inventory with ease at the bin level
  • Manage various Storage Conditions for bins and items
  • Warnings for older lots and duplicate lots
  • Expired lots calculation for issue transactions

By identifying what to order, when to order, how much to order, and when to plan an order’s delivery, BatchMaster’s MRP module supports production managers in scheduling and placing orders for dependent demand items, as well as assuring a flow of materials required for production.

  • Ensure material availability and increase planning stability
  • View production bottlenecks at a glance with interactive graphical vision
  • Reconcile the customer requirements with plant capacity, material availability and vendor capabilities
  • Support in evaluating the effects of schedule changes in short run
  • Perform scheduling on single or range of items and warehouses
  • Spontaneously create Purchase Order for the re-sale type of item
  • High stock levels and reduces storage costs
  • Last minute rescheduling and efficient allocation of resources
  • Planning Time Fence to protect the master plan from spontaneous changes
  • Adjust dates of planned orders that fall within the planning time fence

Create a timeline for developing products, getting suppliers, and adding value to the manufacturing process as soon as possible. BatchMaster can help you create and maintain a successful manufacturing strategy based on sales forecasts, purchase and production orders, inventory levels, and work orders with detailed bills of materials. Its execution guarantees that production inputs are available and that products are ready to ship. By inflating the BOM and time phasing supplies with the indicated average lead times, BatchMaster MRP assists you in determining material requirements.

  • Streamline the production operations and minimize unplanned interruptions to improve performance
  • Confidently sustain with the lowest possible material and product level in stock
  • Robotically generates purchase orders from net demand relative to reorder levels
  • Aligns existing jobs with changes to required dates
  • Supports the top, bottom, and smart level explosion
  • Supports to meet the delivery schedule, purchase activities, and plan orders
  • Avoiding the delay in material procurement, production, and decision making
  • The cost of excessive inventory can be reduced

Happy Customers

Emilia Clarke
Ms. Tiffany Ngkaion, Project Manager
Davies Paints, Philippines
“BatchMaster ERP is extremely user-friendly, effective, and most importantly, checks all the boxes of our requirements. We are delighted with this collaboration.”
Emilia Clarke
Mr. Guidon I Dela Cruz
Owner, Filbake Food Corporation, Philippines
“We were in dire need of a modern system that could help us get rid of the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. BatchMaster stepped in with its expert solution and since then it has all been hunky-dory.”
Ms. Nwet Kyu Kyu, Head, IT & project In-charge
Premium Distribution, Myanmar
“With faster & easier warehouse movements & an increase in daily dispatches, we are able to increase the business and achieve timely delivery. BatchMaster is definitely a competitive advantage for us, and we are happy & satisfied that we made the right choice by opting for it.”
Ms. Shima Abi Khallad, Operations Manager
Naturz Group, Malaysia
“We made the perfect choice with BatchMaster, and we are very happy and content about it.”

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